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I do not maintain this project and mumsi any longer, but some new features and bugfixes have been implemented in the forks. Check them out!

mumlib - simple Mumble client library

Fairly simple Mumble library written in C++, using boost::asio asynchronous networking framework. Library supports:

  • Audio streaming through TCP and UDP channel
  • Text messaging


  • Channel support
  • User information
  • Remaining server messages (ACL, user stats etc)


  • Boost libraries
  • OpenSSL
  • log4cpp
  • Opus library
  • Google Protobuf: libraries and compiler
  • CMake
  • Speex DSP library

Install those dependencies on Debian GNU/Linux using:

apt install libboost{,-system}-dev libssl-dev liblog4cpp5-dev libopus-dev protobuf-compiler libspeexdsp-dev cmake build-essential


The library uses CMake build system:

mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..


Sample usage is covered in mumlib_example.cpp file. Basically, you should extend mumlib::Callback class to implement your own handlers.

To use a client certificate, you'll need a PEM certificate and private key without a passphrase. These are assed in the MumlibConfig struct to the Mumlib object constructor. Support for passphrase still needs to be added.


2015 Michał Słomkowski. The code is published under the terms of Lesser General Public License Version 3.

The library contains code from following 3rd party projects: