personal Gentoo overlay

layman authored on 9 Mar
app-misc/ asino asino ebuild fixed manifest 4 months ago
files files 2 months ago
media-video/ subscleaner subscleaner ebuild 4 months ago
metadata fst 4 months ago
profiles fst 4 months ago
x11-libs/ gtk+ gtk2 explicitely depends on faenza 2 months ago gtk2 explicitely depends on faenza 2 months ago
mecca-overlay.xml fst 4 months ago


This is an unofficial overlay. The packages installed here are fetched from their respective git repositories, all credits go to the software creators. Some of the software here was made by me.


  • gtk2: the ebuild depends on faenza-icon-theme that with USE=minimal avoids pulling dbus, adwaita-icon-theme and gtk3+

Personal packages

These are packages of personal projects

How to use this overlay


1. Adding the overlay to layman

This is an unofficial overlay, therefore the overlay description (which is provided as .xml file) must be specified while adding it. The command is the following.

root# layman -o -f -a mecca-overlay

Follow the prompt and the overlay should be added successfully.

2. Updating Layman Repositories

root# layman -S


More information at