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DuckTape - Simple Reverse Proxy for local development

DuckTape is a simple reverse proxy server which will serve up a directory of files and do simple proxying. It is quite handy when developing Web applications that do not depend on application servers and for local testing.

It is inspired by tape.

Installation and Dependencies

DuckTape is built on top of Python and Twisted.

pip install --user twisted

To install DuckTape, place the ducktape executable somewhere in your path.


Every time DuckTape receives a connection, it check if the file exists in the folder it is serving; if the file exists it is served directly, if it does not DuckTape acts as a reverse proxy.

DuckTape also offers an option to check if the service that is being proxied is down and shutting down if that is the case

usage: tape [-h] [-H HOST] [-P PROXY_PORT] [-p PORT] [directory]

Simple reverse proxy for local development.

positional arguments:
  directory             working directory, default: '.'

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -H HOST, --host HOST  host of the proxy, default: localhost
  -P PROXY_PORT, --proxy-port PROXY_PORT
                        listening port of the proxy, default: 8000
  -p PORT, --port PORT  listening port, default: 8080
  -u [PING], --ping [PING]
        check if service is up by requesting the uri, default: off
  -r [REPEAT], --repeat [REPEAT]
        repeat ping every n seconds, default: 30


ducktape -p 8080 -P 5000 /project/dir -h localhost