Francesco Mecca authored on 17 Mar 2020
src color functions 1 year ago
tests 2to3 #1 1 year ago
.coveragerc Add workaround to allow Wahn/Wonder client to correctly read stats despite which room clients are in. Add a few tests for 7 years ago
.coveralls.yml Adding explicit nosetests command and .coveralls.yml configuration. 7 years ago
.gitignore insta ctf mode 1 year ago
.project Fix issue #34 with client numbers never being released. 7 years ago
.pydevproject Added preliminary implementation of the General Extension Protocol. Fixed some bugs with player initialization on map changes. 7 years ago
.travis.yml Switched to --cover-inclusive and added .coveragerc to ignore other modules. 7 years ago
Debug spyd.launch Added eclipse pydev debug launch configuration. 7 years ago
LICENSE Initial commit. 7 years ago
Makefile insta ctf mode 1 year ago Add Coverall coverage badge to 7 years ago 2to3 #1 1 year ago insta ctf mode 1 year ago insta ctf mode 1 year ago ... 1 year ago
requirements.txt dep 1 year ago
runspyd Fixed some inconsistencies with the scheduled callback system within the game clock logic. Fixed logging. 7 years ago General cleanup 1 year ago


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A pure Python implementation of the Sauerbraten Cube 2 server using Twisted