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Francesco Mecca on 22 Mar 2020 828 bytes Update


This is a modded implementation of the Sauerbraten Cube 2 Server. It is forked from Spyd. See the License file.

Aim of the project

The aim of this mod is to build an easy to customize server that may serve as a base for future Sauerbraten modders. It implements a mod engine with hot reload and access to the whole server API. Mods can be written in Python


These are the next steps that needs to be completed in any order.

  • teamkill ctf no flag
  • spectate others when master and deny unspectate
  • no locked with 0 players
  • map voting mod
  • irc bot
  • #duel command
  • stallman bot
  • banip and banplayer commands on command mod
  • documentation
  • end of the game stats: DeadEye, LoneWolf, Pursuer, FragsMonger, Champion, rugby?
  • database of players