CipollaMod /


This is a fork a pure python server implementation of the Sauerbraten Cube 2 Server. It is forked from Spyd. See the License file.

Aim of the project

The aim of this mod is to build an easy to customize server that may serve as a base for future Sauerbraten modders. It implements a mod engine with hot reload and access to the whole server API.


These are the next steps that needs to be completed in any order.

  • teamkill ctf no flag
  • spectate others when master and deny unspectate
  • no locked with 0 players
  • map voting mod
  • irc bot
  • #duel command
  • stallman bot
  • banip and banplayer commands on command mod
  • documentation
  • end of the game stats: DeadEye, LoneWolf, Pursuer, FragsMonger, Champion, rugby?
  • database of players