Cartello: kanban boards from flat markdown files

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Create kanban boards to track projects from flat markdown files.


  • Clone the repository and enter the folder
  • install mistune from pip, it is a dependency required for parsing markdown
  • create a board in the "boards" directory and run python3

How to create boards

Boards are generated from a markdown file. The URL will be the name of the file while the html of the page is generated from the content of the file. In particular:

  • h1: there can be only one h1 header per project and it is the title of the board.
  • h3: every header is a new card of the board.
  • list: every entry of the list is an entry of the card. Title can be specified like this 'Title: '.
  • code blocks: a tag can be added with two backticks (code blocks). The tags support the colors supported by bulma.


Shopping List

### Should buy

* `warning|Vegs` Salad: must be organic, call farmers from red address book
* Squash
* Oranges
* Peppers
* Cake: ask Grandpa for the name of the last one
* `danger|nope` Beer, avoid krieks

### Bought

* `Cheap` Tomatoes: must be green
* `info|Project B` Milk: raw is better


You can view a demo of the output of cartello here