updatede 18 days ago


  1. Once registered the screen is the same. I don’t know whether I have to register again. [TO BE DONE]
  2. There Hyperlink to the course on the landing page does not work. [TO BE DONE]
  3. Platform: If you do not fill in the password correctly, it does not warn. [FIXED]
  4. I believe that a handbook or instructions to use the platform would help users. [FIXED]


  1. I would call the blog BLOG and not LEARNING SPACE, and the posts POST and not STORY, if that is possible [SOLVED]
  2. it is not possible to add a picture to the post? [SOLVED]
  3. it is not easy to find the tags when writing a post [SOLVED]
  4. I have tagged my post under area 4 but I do not see it here [FIXED]
  5. Signup here gives an error [FIXED]
  6. In the Learners page some blogs Links do not work [FIXED]
  7. in the blog profile section, Change Cover does not start with upload a picture, I need to click on the trash [SOLVED]
  8. stardand timezone should be GMT+1 [SOLVED]


  1. We suggest to avoid using the term “Knowledge Management” [...]. Knowledge Sharing Platform could be better. [FIXED]
  2. There is not “lost password?” option for users who need a reminder. [TO BE DONE]
  3. We should link to some tutorial or otherwise create our own tutorial explaining basic actions [SOLVED]
  4. I tried uploading an image of just over 1MB and got this message: “The image you uploaded was larger than allowed". [SOLVED]
  5. The four tabs on the menu will need to link to not just posts from the Ghost blogs, but also from other blogging systems used by participants who choose other blogging systems. [TO BE DISCUSSED]


  1. adhere to the official branding [TO BE DONE]


  1. ask polito to open 443 [TO BE DONE]
  2. write to Ildiko to solve the issue regarding email credentials [TO BE DONE]


  • TO BE DONE: I am looking into that and I plan to fix this asap
  • SOLVED: it seems to work on my side and it wasn't a bug to begin with
  • FIXED: I should have fixed the problem and it should work as intended. Please let me know if not.
  • TO BE DISCUSSED: maybe privately